Underage Players

To expand on the minutes from the last club meeting regarding the changes to accepting underage players to club events, below are the club reasons for making these policy changes: Underage players and the risks associated with them have been a topic of...

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Minutes from Club Meeting 17/3/18

Matters discussed are detailed below: Attendees:  Doug, Baden, Josh, Fraser, Sharon, Tony & Glen Underage Players The club has discussed and voted to change club policy regarding underage players.  Effective immediately, under age players are...

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May TAC Calendar

The TAC events for May have been loaded onto the website on the website. Check them out here. We have a 5 weekend month in May which means 3 Airsoft Weekend! Woohoo! The game dates are: May 1st: Tactical Moose Hunt & BBQ at TECT Park May 15th: TECT Park May 29th: TECT...

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Committee Meeting: May 4th

Our May Committee Meeting will be held on May the 4th. If you have any topic's you'd like raised, please contact Rampant, the Club President so they can be tabled for discussion.

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All New TAC Website

We are proud to launch our all new web-friendly website!  This new site uses responsive technology meaning it works great on mobile devices!  The new site gives us a platform for making it easy to share all our game and event details plus share airsoft information...

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New signs for TECT Park

Artwork has been approved and construction is underway for new signage for the Airsoft field at TECT All Terrain Park.  Signs will include Carpark Signage with directions to the field entrance, Field Entrance Signage including "Field Open" / "Field Closed" and Field...

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TAC Facebook development

We bet you didn't know that Tauranga Airsoft Club has two Facebook pages!  Well, we do.  In conjunction with the launch of the new Tauranga Airsoft Club website, and as part of ongoing development of TAC's online presence and image, the two club Facebook pages are...

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