Zombieland – Young players welcome! Sat 21st Sept

We are so excited about this one!


We have another fantastic underage player event planned at the awesome Zombieland field in Rotorua!  If you loved our last event, you will love this one even more!  If you couldn’t make the last event, make sure you don’t miss out again.

All players aged 13 years and older are welcome to join us for this game event.  There will be a variety of games to suit all skill levels, even new players.

BRING YOUR FORMS!  For everyone under 16 we will need a Guardian and a completed Parental Consent form.  Download it here and bring it with you on the day.

This is a CQB event (Close Quarters Battle).  Solid lens goggles and solid lower face protection required.  No mesh goggles or safety specs will be allowed.

Wear appropriate clothing including good footwear, long pants, long sleeves, cap/hoodie and gloves if you have them.

View CQB Gun FPS Limits here. (Sub 330fps measured on 0.25g bb weight).  Minimum Engagement Distance – 5m.  Semi-auto only, no burst or full auto.

So parents, bring the kids.  Kids, bring your mates!  We have loads of hire gear available and more people = more fun!

START SAVING! If you are 16 years or over, become a member of TAC on the day and receive BB discounts!

Sausage Sizzle

There will be a school fundraiser sausage sizzle available for when you are feeling hungry.  $2 each.

Public Service Announcement 

We would like to remind everyone of the following conduct recommendations:
For everyone attending any game day please ensure you transport your Airsoft guns and gear in cases or bags.  All guns and gear are to remain in cases or bags until you are on the field.  All registration, chrono testing and safety briefing will be completed on the field.

Where to meet

Saturday 21st September
Registration – 12:00pm
Game starts – 1:00pm
Game finishes – 5:00pm

Zombieland Paintball Field
1311 Oturoa Road, Hamurana 3072


$30.00 All Players

BB’s (ICS 0.25g)
$20.00 per 4,000 TAC Members
$25.00 per 4,000 Non-Members

Hire Gear
$30.00 for Airsoft Rifle, Safety Mask & one mag of bb’s (approx 350 rnds)

What to bring

  • Guns & Gear
  • Spare BB’s
  • Snacks
  • Plenty of Water / drinks
  • Cash (no Eftpos)
  • Sunscreen is recommended

Poor Weather

Should the forecast predict poor weather for the game day, the game will be called-off the night before.

Refer to this post and/our our Facebook event for weather game updates.

Hire Gear

About Hire Gear

Want to play Airsoft but don’t have your own gear?  No problem!

Tauranga Airsoft Club offers top quality hire gear for public use.

The hire gear is supplied and maintained by NZ Airsoft.

What you get

  • ICS Proline M4 Rifle
  • Full Seal Goggles
  • Steel mesh lower face mask
  • Full Mag of BB’s (350)

The Price

$30.00 – Bookings essential!
Please Book Hire gear before Friday 7pm



Please use the from provided to RSVP for this event.

By letting the game organizer know you are coming you help them to create and interesting and enjoyable event.

Lack of bookings may force the game to be called off.  If you have joined the event on Facebook, please also RSVP here.

Cut off for hire bookings is 7pm Friday before the event

RSVP - 21st Sept

Attending Players

Game Staff

  1. Lamb
  2. Yardie
  3. Mastercard
  4. Spanky

Airsoft Players

  1. Lamb
  2. Yardie
  3. Ian
  4. Mark W
  5. Mark W + 1
  6. Mark W + 2
  7. Nick
  8. Josh
  9. Josh + 1
  10. Graham
  11. Bruce P
  12. Bruce P + 1
  13. Eric
  14. Lamb + 1
  15. Lamb + 2
  16. Lamb + 3
  17. Richard R
  18. Jevon
  19. Steve
  20. Tania
  21. Hayley B
  22. Hayley B + 1
  23. Tyler
  24. Tyler + 1
  25. Jeff C
  26. Antony H
  27. Antony H + 1
  28. Asher
  29. Kevin G
  30. Kevin G + 1
  31. Paul W
  32. Summer
  33. Summer + 1
  34. Hayden P
  35. Cody L
  36. Michael K
  37. Michael K + 1
  38. Turkey
  39. Peta
  40. Andrew
  41. Gunman
  42. Mark M
  43. Briar M
  44. Barry (Spongebob)
  45. Shane
  46. Shane + 1
  47. Shane + 2
  48. Shane + 3
  49. Nathan K
  50. Dhruva
  51. Dhruva + 1
  52. Dhruva + 2
  53. Phillip B
  54. Byron H
  55. Inderdeep R

Hire Gear

  1. Josh
  2. Josh + 1
  3. Lamb + 1
  4. Lamb + 2
  5. Lamb + 3
  6. Jevon
  7. Hayley B
  8. Hayley B + 1
  9. Jeff C
  10. Antony H
  11. Antony H + 1
  12. Kevin G
  13. Summer
  14. Nathan K
  15. Dhruva
  16. Dhruva + 1
  17. Dhruva + 2
  18. Byron
  19. Inderdeep
  20. Paul W – Goggles and mask only

Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. Rules

Make yourself familiar with the Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc Rules regarding Game Days, Player Safety and Conduct.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TAC administrators.

TECT All Terrain Park